Remembrance-Based Cash Gifts

Remembrance-based gifts help maximize your cash giving.

Ask friends and family to help you celebrate a special occasion (e.g., birthday or anniversary) by donating to the Foundation in lieu of gifts.

Memorialize a loved one by requesting donations to the Foundation in lieu of flowers at a funeral, or in remembrance of a special day. Giving in the name of a loved one is a respectful, loving way to honor a life and memory.

If you like, direct your giving to one of our strategic objectives. For example, honor a retiring teacher with donations in the teacher's name to our Youth Development and Education initiatives; or, celebrate an artist's milestone birthday with donations directed toward our Quality of Life and Cultural Enhancements initiatives.

Non-Cash Gifts

As an alternative or in addition to cash, you can gift securities (stocks and bonds). Those gifts often provide tax advantages as well. Other assets, such as real property, mutual fund shares, and business interests also may be gifted to the Foundation.

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is planned giving after one's death. A bequest -- a gift of cash, property, stocks, bonds, etc. made through a will -- is the most common and simplest form of legacy giving. Another form of legacy giving is naming beneficiaries of insurance policies and investment and retirement accounts. Trusts also can be vehicles of legacy giving.

Let Us Help

If you have questions or ideas for maximizing your giving through remembrance-based, non-cash, or legacy gifts, contact us; we'll be happy to discuss details and assist you in any way we can, to include pointing you in the right direction if we cannot directly help you.

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