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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the goal of the Colonial Beach Community Foundation is to raise and disburse funds for actions that impact our residents and visitors, promote diversity, encourage inclusion, continue education, and respect our natural habitat.

Giving to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation

We place the financial gifts we receive from individuals, businesses, and organizations into endowment funds and invest them to generate earnings. We coordinate with fund advisers to distribute grants to a variety of community-oriented programs and nonprofit organizations in the Colonial Beach area.

You can donate to the Foundation in many ways. Of course, you can write and mail a check, or select Donate Now on any of our web pages. Another easy way to give is to designate the Colonial Beach Community Foundation as your charity of choice when using Good Shop and Amazon Smile.

You can, however, give in other ways. Select Giving Options below to learn how.

Giving Options

Applying for a Colonial Beach Community Foundation Grant

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You also can give to the Foundation by volunteering. In addition to staff needed to run events, we need knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced people in the areas of program development, grant writing, and legacy giving who can help us accomplish our mission. If you can lend your time and talent in those areas, please contact us. Also, if you have experience related to any of our Strategic Objectives below, we want to hear from you.

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Strategic Objectives

The Foundation has five strategic objectives relevant to our mission, with flexibility to adapt for long-term sustainability. Those objectives are accomplished through donations, grants, fundraising, and committed, valued volunteers made possible by your giving.

Youth Development & Education

The Foundation is committed to the development of young people and advancement of their education. In small town rural areas, opportunities for youth must be identified and championed with passion to produce tangible results. The Foundation funds and awards scholarships for post-high-school education to include college, and vocational and trade schools. The Beach Arts, Music, and Mentoring (BAMM) program is integral to the Colonial Beach elementary and high schools by conducting activities previously eliminated from the schools’ budgets. Each year the Foundation increases the number of children it sponsors to attend summer camp. Volunteers create fun, learning projects set up in neighborhoods to overcome boredom and engage youth.

Environment Protection & Beautification

Colonial Beach is a rural coastal town in tidewater Virginia. The Foundation prioritizes environmental protection of natural habitats, town parks, and the Potomac River as part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Foundation's eco-friendly footprint impacts projects that create and preserve local oyster beds, sandy beach litter clean-up, boardwalk and park bench renewal, planting trees and shrubs, and efforts that improve the visual and aesthetic appearance of the town. CB Greenspace takes proactive initiatives to create and preserve venues for people and their pets to exercise and enjoy recreation. Projects that maintain the town’s historic character are undertaken to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

Health & Well-Being

 ​​​​​​​The Foundation accepts the challenge of working to provide accessible, affordable health care services for people in and around our locale. In 2020, CB Health is gaining traction as an entity building relationships with local free clinics and medical service providers. Our goal is to ensure quality health care gets a foothold and the Foundation contributes to its growth. The Foundation promotes well-being in its support of recreational activities, backpacks filled with school supplies, community holiday events, and gifts for families with children.

Qualtiy of Life & Cultural Enhancement

The Foundation believes the power of art, music, cultural activities, and social exchange enhances the quality of life. Offering a variety of entertainment and socializing builds community through relationships where people can celebrate diversity across socioeconomic lines via experiences they might not otherwise have. The Foundation maintains a community center available for use by individuals and organizations. It also supports the WWER 88.1 FM local radio station, Colonial Beach Playhouse for performing arts and theater, art walks and gallery shows of local artists, and activities that representative the advantages of beach life in a small town.

Community Strength for Success

The Foundation knows that “all of us together are stronger than any one of us alone.”  It works with local organizations and like-minded nonprofits to support their cause. The Foundation is swift to work with groups responding to crisis like clean up caused by severe weather or funding local food pantries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Give to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation.